"Tom made me feel comfortable talking abut things that were pretty embarassing.  His style got me over my own reluctance to talk and let me really get to the heart of my issues.  Our conversations helped me to sort out what was really important in my relationships.  I am much better now at seeing people in my life for who they actually are, not as failed versions of what I want them to be."



"Tom's approach was very goal-oriented, which was different from what I had experienced with two other clinicians in the past. He structured our sessions in a way that helped me see my own progress, which reinforced positive feedback. Of course, you have to put in the work to see results and Tom made this very clear in the beginning, which stuck out to me."



"I am extremely pleased with the skills and knowledge I have gained through my time spent with Tom. He has helped me realize new perspectives on everyday challenges, and has provided me with the skills and tools to overcome the stress, anxiety, and frustrations I had been facing as a result of those challenges. Tom is always patient, understanding, and supportive, which helped me feel immediately comfortable during our sessions. I cannot recommend Tom highly enough, as he was instrumental in achieving all I had hoped for with counseling."



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