Services Offered

Counseling, Psychotherapy and Group therapy services

Offered through our practice are short-term along with longer-term psychotherapy services in individual or group treament.  After our first few sessions we will outline a plan for the course of treatment that would prove to be most effective in helping you address your concerns.  Our approach to the counseling/psychotherapy relationship is collaborative, and we encourage you to share your opinions and preferences about your experience(s).  Our goal is to help you feel comfortable about sharing what's most important to you and to assist you in getting connected with someone that can help you meet your goals.

We offer a FREE initial phone consultation (15 mins).

A brief, no cost initial phone/e-mail consult will help us figure out what you may be looking for.

Short-term counseling
  • between 2-3 sessions

  • to discuss hopes for counseling and possible next steps, either for working on your own, participating in ongoing longer-term psychotherapy, and/or exploring other options (e.g., referral to other resources, including bibliotherapy, engaging in group therapy, meeting with another therapist who may be a better match for helping you meet your goals, etc.)

Longer-Term Psychotherapy
  • The number and frequency of sessions varies (i.e., this decision is based upon your needs, goals, financial feasibility and a mutual agreement on what frquency best addresses these issues).

Group Therapy

DBT Skills

  Teaches mindfulness, emotion regulation,                         interpersonal effectiveness and distress                           tolerance through an 8 week course.


Anxiety Management-

  Uses cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and exposure     therapy in order to educate people how to overcome       thier fears.  (info on exposure therapy).


Anger Management

  Teaches various skills on how to cope with anger and     work through anger episodes.  Goals are to increase       awareness and decrease behaviors associated with         anger.


Our groups consist of about 4-8 members. All members will have an initial consultation before joining the group. Groups are typically 60-75 minutes in length.